Listserv Guidelines

The EWA listservs are reserved for education journalists to help one another. The wisdom and generosity of  fellow members  are invaluable resources for education journalists.

If you’re new to the list, or you don’t read it often, here are a few pointers to keep in mind. We do have a few rules:

  1. The listservs users and all information exchanged on the listservs are confidential. By joining, you agree never to share, forward or discuss specific or general listserv conversations with anyone not on the EWA listservs. An exception to this rule occurs when a listserv member queries on behalf of a colleague not on the listserv and discloses that information in their post.  
  2. If you do want to use something from the listservs, you must seek permission from the listserv users who commented on the particular subject. 
  3. Be civil and respectful at all times.
  4. Don’t post anything not suitable for work.

Violation of these common-sense standards will result in immediate removal from listserv, pending EWA staff review.

The following aren’t rules per se, but following these guidelines will ensure the best listserv experience for everyone.

  • Mind the reply field. Before responding to a listserv email, be sure it’s going where you intend. Clicking “reply” will typically result in a message addressed to, which means every subscriber will receive it. If you mean to send your message off-list, be sure it’s instead addressed to an individual recipient.

  • If an exchange has gone on for a while and has only a few participants, consider taking it off-list.

  • Don’t send unsubscribe requests to the listserv. Send them here instead.

  • This post was updated by Kim Clark at 3:55 p.m. EST 2/23/18.