Five Questions to Ask: For-profit Universities

  1. What are the demographics like at the for-profits you cover? Do these career colleges recruit students that would otherwise attend community colleges or local nonprofit universities? Also important: Are the students attending for-profits because budget cuts have cut classes at state-funded schools?
  2. How successful are for-profit students in transferring credits to other higher education institutions?

    Check to see how readily credits from a for-profit you cover can be transferred to a traditional college or university.

  3. Research indicates that college-ready students from low-income areas often forego applying to selective colleges for various reasons. How many of those students in your region end up going to for-profit colleges?
  4. What are the for-profit success stories in your region? Is there a way of quantifying how they succeeded? Was it knowing the right person, having the right professional background, or something else about the college or the experience that helped them succeed?
  5. What are the marketing budgets of for-profits in your region and how does they compare to other universities? Do traditional universities spend similarly or much less?