Five Questions to Ask: Presidents & Trustees

  1. What does my college or university president view as the most valuable use of his or her time, and does that person think he or she is spending enough time on those priorities? What tasks distract the president from spending more time on the activities he or she views as valuable?
  2. What does my college or university president view as the major challenges facing the institution, and does that align with the perception of trustees and faculty members?

    If this is not the case, what steps are being taken to bring those concerns into alignment?

  3. Who sits on my college or university’s governing board, and do they have the expertise necessary to address the issues they face, particularly issues related to health care and finance?
  4. How were the board members appointed, and what are their relationships with state lawmakers, university leaders and other major stakeholders? If the university is public, what are the trustee’s connections to the lawmakers who appointed him or her? Did he or she contribute to that politician’s campaign, and does that raise ethical issues for the institution?
  5. How is my college or university preparing for a leadership transition other than having a process in place for searching for a new president? Is it grooming senior executives, academic deans and even faculty members for future leadership roles, either on this campus or another?