Five Questions to Ask: Higher Education Reform

  1. One of the key questions in higher education reform is whether it is possible to make changes to the process of earning a college degree without sacrificing value?This question is one that is always worthwhile to ask a source and keep in mind when writing.
  2. That’s a nice anecdote, but what is the data telling you?Check whether the overall numbers support the examples a source has given you.
  3. How is that measured?It is always crucial to know exactly what the numbers experts/sources are using actually represent.

    Graduation rates, for example, are measured in different ways depending on who’s reporting them.

  4. How does/should an institution define success? Is it the number or percentage of students who graduate, the time it takes them to earn a degree, the total price they pay, the total cost to educate a student for the university, etc.?
  5. Why haven’t you been doing X already? Some changes lauded as revelatory seem self-evident. Getting answers to this question can offer insights to the administrative processes.