Five Questions to Ask: Federal K-12 Funding

  1. Sequestration will have a varying impact on districts and schools, depending on how much federal funding they get. Is there a school in your coverage area that will be hit hard, and one that won’t feel the squeeze at all?
  2. How much do parents and teachers in your coverage area know about sequestration? Are they leaning on members of Congress to reverse it?

    What kind of advocacy are local branches of national organizations – such as the teachers’ unions – doing to stop the cuts?

  3. Is your state or local government funneling any extra money to education to make up for the federal cuts?
  4. What kind of impact are the federal cuts in general having on your local and state economy? Did a military base have to close or furlough people? What about federal workers? And how might that impact revenue for schools?
  5. Are advocates’ – and the U.S. Department of Education’s – descriptions of the cuts overblown? Are schools in your coverage area able to deal with them easily?http://www.aasa.org/