Five Questions to Ask: Curriculum & Instruction

  1. In many places, the content of the science curriculum has been subject to controversy, sparking heated debates over matters such creationism vs. evolution or whether climate change is indeed fact.How do the schools and universities you cover teach such potentially contentious topics?How much dialogue has there been between parents, the school board and teachers in K-12 and between faculty, administrators and students in postsecondary education?

  2. How has the sex education program in the schools you cover developed over the years?

    At what grade level does the instruction begin and has that year changed? How much has abstinence education been included in the curriculum?

  3. How did your district adjust its curriculum in response to the requirements of the No Child Left Behind act and what were the effects of those changes?

  4. If your district is in one of the states participating in the Common Core State Standards Initiative, how has it started to prepare for the new requirements? What have principals and teachers had to do to adapt to teaching the new standards?

  5. Take a look at the textbooks used in your state and district. How long ago were those books published and adopted for use in the schools? When are they scheduled to be re-evaluated for use or replacement? What do experts on the subject matter—science or history professors, for example—think of how the textbooks cover the material?