Questions to Ask: Common Core

1.  How are the Common Core standards being put into practice in local districts and schools? What supports have teachers received to ensure their capacity to effectively teach the standards?

2.  Ask teachers to tell you about the range of reading and writing students do at a particular grade level. How has that changed since the Common Core was adopted?

3.  To what extent do parents in your community understand the Common Core standards and what they mean for the classroom?

4.  How do new assessments tied to the Common Core differ from prior tests in your state? What are some specific examples of how they differ, both for English/language arts and math? 

5.  How are higher education institutions preparing for the Common Core? Are they making plans to accept test results on Common Core tests for placement decisions? Are their education schools providing explicit training to prepare teacher candidates for the Common Core?

6.  If accusations are made that your state was pushed into adopting Common Core, ask these questions: How do the state’s prior standards compare with the Common Core? Was the same process that was used to adopt previous standards also used to adopt the Common Core?