Five Questions to Ask: College & Career Readiness

  1. What percentages of first-year students at the colleges and universities in your region have to take remedial courses? Have these numbers increased or decreased in recent years? Do the students admitted to these colleges come primarily from high schools you also cover?

  2. Have the high schools you cover developed “dual enrollment” programs with the nearby colleges and universities, enabling high school students to take college courses for credit? If so, what percentages of students enroll in the program and how have they fared?

    If not, why?

  3. Are there any “Career Academies” in your region? If so, which career fields do they emphasize and how successful have they been at preparing students for college or the world of work?

  4. Do the high schools in your region prepare students for the non-academic aspects of entering college, such as pursuing financial aid/scholarships and developing time management skills? If so, how? Are there any college access programs in your region that provide services such as these?

  5. What percentages of high school students in your region enroll in college directly after graduation? How many of them graduate with a bachelor’s degree within six (or 10) years? Have these numbers been increasing or declining?