Five Questions to Ask: Digital Learning & Technology

  1. What are the stated goals behind the use of classroom technology in local schools? How are schools (or districts) measuring the impact of that technology on student learning?

  2. How much money is set aside in the schools’ budgets for purchasing and upgrading technology? Is it sufficient? Has that amount increased or decreased in recent years?

  3. What kind of privacy policies do schools have in place, for both student and employee data stored electronically? Is that personal information stored on-site or at a central location, and how is it archived? Is this data accessible via the Internet?

  4. Is the “digital divide” (student access to computers and the Internet at home) or the “app gap” (student access to smartphones, tablets, or other such devices) an issue in local schools, and—if so—how are they working to close the gap?

  5. What kind of online learning takes place in local school systems — blended learning, personalized learning, credit recovery, virtual learning, etc.? Are there anomalies, oversights or potential conflicts of interest involved in the running of virtual schools in your community?