Five Questions to Ask: Campaigns & Elections

  1. Were my state’s members of Congress in office when the No Child Left Behind Act was enacted? How did they vote on it? What have they said about federal accountability issues since then? As for newer members and challengers, what do they think the federal role in education policy should be?

  2. What did my governor say about education in his or her last “state of the state” address or budget document?

    How does that compare with what that governor promised as a candidate?What does the governor believe should be the role of the federal government?

  3. How is my state board of education organized? If members are elected, how much attention does the state electorate pay to such races?

  4. Are local school board elections held on the same days as federal primaries or general elections? How active is the board in setting education policies, as opposed to other school district issues?

  5. How influential in state and local board elections, as well as policy matters, are teachers’ unions, associations for school boards and administrators, and parent advocacy groups?