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Resources, recaps, and coverage generated from EWA's seminars.

Resources, recaps, and coverage generated from EWA’s seminars.


Miles to Go: College Completion under the Obama Plan

President Barack Obama has issued an ambitious goal: for the United States to once again lead the world in college attainment, by 2020. Though some programs show promise, college graduation is still out of reach for many Americans, for academic, financial and institutional reasons.


Small Schools and High School Reform: Shrinking Size, Diminishing Returns?

School districts frequently look to the small schools model– splitting up large high schools or creating with only a few hundred students– when searching for ways to bolster student achievement and enhance the relationship between students and teachers. If students feel more connected to teachers and other adults at school, the thinking goes, then they will attend classes regularly, show more interest in coursework and do whatever it takes to graduate. Small learning communities have been found to improve school climate and student attitudes.


Tips From Math Lessons: a Webinar on Observing a Classroom

Deborah Loewenberg Ball, dean of the University of Michigan School of Education, has been running an experimental summer program where she teaches math to rising fifth graders while observers –both teachers and researchers — watch. The students are from local school districts, are generally from lower-income families, and are struggling with math.

EWA collaborated with the Elementary Math Laboratory staff and Ball to offer a webinar to reporters on Aug. 19, 2008 to discuss the lessons and what reporters can learn about the way math is taught.