Livestreaming from #ewaHigherEd

We are happy to livestream the Higher Ed 2016’s opening and first panel. We may be able to ask your questions for the panel! Tweet to #ewaHigherEd & @EdWriters.

Innovation and the Future of Higher Education
1:00 – 2:15 p.m. (Pacific Time)

In many industries, innovation is the engine that pushes businesses toward success, but colleges and universities haven’t changed much in centuries. What are some universities doing to change the academic experience for students and break down the barriers between departments, for example, making courses in science and engineering more attractive to more students? And how can students use these experiences to solve real-world problems? This session will examine how schools geared to global grand challenges can heighten student engagement, as well as how the growing intersection of digital and on-campus courses can change the student experience.​