Lessons From New Orleans
Charters & Choice Seminar

Lessons From New Orleans

This year marks the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the storm that sparked an unprecedented experiment in public education in New Orleans. Nearly all public schools in the city are now charters. A decade in, what have we learned about the New Orleans experience and what lessons does it offer to other states and communities that are looking to ramp up the role of charters and choice in public education?

  • Sarah Carr, The Teacher Project at the Columbia Journalism School, and author of “Hope Against Hope”
  • Douglas Harris, Education Research Alliance for New Orleans, Tulane University
  • Kira Orange Jones, Teach For America, Greater New Orleans-Louisiana Delta
  • Aesha Rasheed, New Orleans Parent Organizing Network
  • Danielle Dreilinger, New Orleans Times-Picayune (moderator)