Common Core: Realities of the Rollout

Our May 19, 2014 special session at the 67th National Seminar looked at Common Core implementation from a variety of angles and perspectives. Below, you can view each presenter’s remarks in full and download his or her slides.

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Playlist 1: Politics, Power and Public Debate

Playlist 2: Impact on the Classroom

Playlist 3: Angles on Assessment

Below are the Powerpoint presentations from our special session on Common Core at the 67th National Seminar. Click a speaker’s name to download his or her slides:

Michael Cohen

Tom Loveless

Terry Holliday

Jamie Woodson

Patrick McGuinn

Dennis Van Roekel

Amber Northern

William Schmidt

Jonathan Supovitz

Sandra Alberti

Jose Vilson

Jemelleh Coes

Rick Hess

Jacqueline King

Laura Slover

Carol Burris

Tommy Bice

Kristin DiCerbo