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#tellEWA Member Stories (September 3-9)
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A little-known New York law has allowed the state to sue nearly 16,000 students who owe college tuition, library fines and unpaid parking tickets. Many cases end in default because of a requirement that defendants appear for a hearing in only one location – Albany, reports The Hechinger Report’s Meredith Kolodner.

Damage from Hurricane Ida caused school closures across Louisiana, affecting 250,000 students who haven’t attended class in more than a week, Marta Jewson writes for The Lens. 

The 74’s Kevin Mahnken shows how the 9/11 attacks shifted the Bush administration’s attention from advocating for the No Child Left Behind Act to focusing on the War on Terror. 

Four parents sued a Georgia school district, seeking to nullify a mask mandate they believe violates the governor’s executive order. But schools aren’t forbidden from implementing mask mandates in the state, writes Alia Malik for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 

Indiana’s students resumed in-person learning, but COVID-19 continues to be a threat as vaccination rates for eligible youth remain low, reports Carter Barrett and Elizabeth Gabriel for WFYI Indianapolis.

Some rural schools in California are temporarily closing to stop COVID-19 outbreaks, leaving students with independent study, not distance learning, as their only option, reports Diana Lambert for EdSource.

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