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#tellEWA Member Stories (September 24-30)
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week:

Linda K. Wertheimer of The Boston Globe follows efforts by non-binary and transgender students to use their own pronouns, often despite opposition from school leaders and elected officials.

As a California county deadline to provide proof of vaccination approaches, school district administrators make efforts to increase accessibility for weekly COVID testing for unvaccinated students, volunteers, and staff, Kaylee Tornay reports for The Press Democrat.

California Democratic legislators are reducing out-of-state enrollment at the state’s prestigious University of California campuses to make more room for in-staters in hopes of winning votes from California parents, writes Mikhail Zinshteyn for Cal Matters.

Enrollment at for-profit online charter schools rose dramatically during the pandemic, even though most of the schools have gotten poor evaluations from states, reports Steve Yoder for The Hechinger Report. 

Charlotte West for The Hechinger Report followed three Native American women who overcame discrimination, feelings of isolation, and financial barriers to enroll in college last year.

School absenteeism surged among English Learners students The 74’s Asher Leher-Small finds. The causes: financial stresses, technology problems (sometimes as simple as faulty power chargers) and lack of culturally appropriate communications with students and parents.

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