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#tellEWA Member Stories (September 10-16)
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week:

An Education Week team presents the Big Ideas report, composed of 10 essays focusing on education during the pandemic, challenges, and tough questions.

As Tennessee schools battle over whether parents can opt their children out of mask mandates, Memphis reached a grim milestone – 20,000 students tested positive for COVID-19 since March 2020, reports Samantha West for Chalkbeat Tennessee.

Marta Jewson for The Lens explains why Louisiana school employees don’t have to follow President Joe Biden’s new executive order that mandates COVID-19 vaccinations or weekly tests for workers at large employers.

A vaccinated school guidance counselor died from COVID-19 complications shortly after her Texas school closed due to an outbreak, The Dallas Morning News’ Corbett Smith reports.

After Alabama legislators complained about teenagers getting vaccinated for COVID-19 without parental consent, state health officials quietly changed their policy. Now those under age 19 must have consent before getting the shot at public school clinics, Rebecca Griesbach reports for

A Minneapolis school district uses surveillance technology to track students’ online behavior, causing parental outrage and privacy concerns. The 74’s Mark Keierleber reports.

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