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#tellEWA Member Stories (October 22-28)
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week:

Hannah Dreyfus reports for ProPublica on Liberty University’s mishandling of sexual assault cases. Staffers discouraged and blamed female students, who said they were sexually assaulted, by punishing them for breaking the college’s ‘moral code.’

A Texas lawmaker is investigating 800 books that address race, gender identity, and sexuality. The lawmaker also asked school districts to identify other books that may cause students to feel “discomfort” based on their race or sex, Talia Richman and Corbett Smith write for The Dallas Morning News.

The pandemic further weakened the child care system and emotionally affected young children, including those with parents experiencing financial challenges. One solution is more programs and services to help families, Jackie Mader reports for The Hechinger Report.

A Texas school district is proposing a solution for neighborhoods lacking quality, affordable child care – high-quality early childhood education centers embedded in elementary schools, Isaac Windes reports for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Idaho’s public universities receive $89 million in federal contracts. Unless contractors receive an exemption, they’re required to get vaccinated for COVID-19 in December due to President Biden’s mandate, Kevin Richert reports for Idaho Education News.

Several Texas school districts turned to virtual learning providers that match in-person students with a remote teacher who delivers live lessons online. Districts took this approach after difficulties filling vacant teaching positions on campus, Emily Donaldson and Valeria Olivares report for The Dallas Morning News. 

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