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#tellEWA Member Stories (October 15-21)
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week:

Part of a national trend, Black families in Birmingham, Alabama are homeschooling their children due to concerns about educational racism, such as schools disproportionately punishing Black students, Kyra Miles reports for WBHM.

U.S. school systems received $190 billion in federal funding to address the pandemic’s effects. With not much insight into how the funding was allocated or if it was responsibly spent, the Biden administration is trying to collect data more than a year after the previous administration began disbursing funding, ProPublica’s Annie Waldman and Bianca Fortis report. 

About 420,000 students experiencing homelessness stopped attending school during the pandemic, including about 400 in St. George, Utah. The city’s school officials are still finding it difficult to find and enroll these missing students, reports Neal Morton for The Hechinger Report.

Public school buildings damaged by hurricanes often aren’t repaired for years in Louisiana due to a lack of state policies to help districts recover and because school officials have to wait for federal funding. These schools then lose more funding after the storms cause enrollment declines, Aubri Juhasz reports for New Orleans Public Radio. 

A Washington state school board candidate threatened to file a class-action lawsuit against the school district he hopes to lead after a teacher posted negative comments about him on social media, Randy Slovic reports for the Tri-Cities Observer.

High school football players are facing allegations of “student misconduct” in Minnesota. Police are preparing a report on their month-long investigation for the juvenile county attorney, Adelle Whitefoot and Teri Cadeau report for the Duluth News Tribune.

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