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#tellEWA Member Stories (October 1- 6)
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Congress didn’t impose many rules or restrictions on how schools can spend more than $157 billion in pandemic relief funding. The result: some school districts have chosen to fund athletic projects rather than provide supports for disadvantaged students, write Collin Binkley and Ryan J. Foley write for the Associated Press.

Lecturers at California State University threatened to strike and cancel classes because of the lack of job security and contract renewals. Up to one-third of the campus’s undergraduates could experience disrupted classes, reports Mikhail Zinshsteyn for CalMatters.

An Ohio school district launched a vaccination campaign in hopes to raise the vaccination rates, Jennifer Pignolet writes for Akron Beacon Journal.

The Alabama Department of Health isn’t publicly reporting data on school outbreaks of COVID-19, and says it is “unable to investigate, contact trace or issue quarantine orders for all positive cases and close contacts,” because of the large number of cases. That’s leaving parents and school officials in the dark and worried, Savannah Tryens-Fernandes reports for

Latinx student enrollment is rising sharply at Wichita State University. The school expects Hispanic students to make up 15% of enrollment by next year and may cross the 25% threshold – the official line for a ‘Hispanic Serving Institution’ – by 2030, The Wichita Beacon’s Rafael Garcia reports.

The Wall Street Journal’s Melissa Korn and Jennifer Levitz got hold of some wiretaps from the “Varsity Blues” admission scandal. In a podcast episode, you can listen to Rick Singer and parents plot to bribe and cheat unqualified students into elite schools.

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