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#tellEWA Member Stories (Mar. 5-11)
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week:

As schools start to consider summer learning as a way to slow or reverse the “COVID slide,” Trisha Powell Crain of investigates what a high-quality summer program looks like. 

While politics has always been a tricky subject to tackle in the classroom, educators say it’s essential now for students to understand how to talk to someone they disagree with, reports Illinois Public Media’s Lee V. Gaines

The Press of Atlantic City’s Claire Lowe reports on a group of nursing students who are gaining clinical experience by administering the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Patrick Wall of Chalkbeat Newark looks back on a year of school closures through the eyes of an educator who worked tirelessly to reach her students. 

Professors and graduate students who secured tens of millions in research dollars object after the money was put into their university’s general account, reports the Toronto Star’s Kristin Rushowy.

Ashley Gross of KNKX covers what COVID-era school looks like after a Washington middle school brings students back for the first time in almost a year. 

For the Duluth News Tribune, Adelle Whitefoot covers secondary students’ return to in-person classes after almost a full year of remote learning. 

A team at The Arizona Republic covers the impact of a full year of disrupted education on eight students in three critical grades.

Eder Campuzano of The Oregonian reports on the barriers facing Black and Latino school board candidates that have left some boards whiter than the districts they serve. 

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