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#tellEWA Member Stories (Mar. 19-25)
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week:

For CPR News‘ continuing series on a Colorado elementary class, Jenny Brundin covers students’ return to the classroom after a period of remote learning. 

Following a year of pandemic schooling, Jennifer Chambers of The Detroit News looks at the future of virtual learning in Michigan. 

The Houston Chronicle’s Shelby Webb examines how lessons learned after Hurricane Katrina can inform school practices as students return to the classroom. 

Brian Zahn of the New Haven Register reports on a district’s response after 657 high schoolers failed five or more classes in one grading period this school year. 

The Des Moines Register’s Samantha Hernandez chronicles the day-by-day efforts of a mother and daughter as they navigated a year of remote learning. 

For The Advocate, Will Sentell and Della Hasselle examine what the latest federal stimulus package means for the child care industry. 

Following recent cases of student suicide, The Frontier’s Ben Felder covers Oklahoma’s approach to suicide prevention training. 

Atlanta districts are offering a host of incentives to entice employees to get vaccinated, reports Vanessa McCray of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

For USA TODAY, Kenny Jacoby, Nancy Armour and Natalie Pate cover the resignation of Oregon State University’s president amid recent outrage over his mishandling of reports of sexual misconduct in a previous position.

Kirk Carapezza of WGBH News and Jon Marcus of The Hechinger Report collaborate on a piece that examines the complexities of what some advocates call “the transcript trap.”

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