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#tellEWA Member Stories (June 11-17)
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week:

Special education services slowed or stopped after the pandemic began, “devastating” families who watched their children’s skills backslide, reports Cory Turner and Rebecca Klein for NPR.

After nearly 100 anti-maskers packed a school board meeting, forcing the meeting to shut down, a Georgia school district is bringing in more security, writes Alia Malik for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

A Texas student with autism died hours after teachers restrained him, prompting an investigation into the school district’s conduct, explains Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s Silas Allen.

Five Wisconsin school districts warn that they may not qualify for federal stimulus money if the state legislature fails to appropriate enough money to meet federal spending requirements, reports Molly Beck for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

More than half of Detroit public school students experienced anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation prior to the pandemic, a new report showed, writes Jennifer Chambers for The Detroit News

The Texas governor signed a bill to “abolish critical race theory” teachings, which will also be the subject of an upcoming special session, reports Emily Donaldson and Talia Richman for The Dallas Morning News.

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