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#tellEWA Member Stories (July 22-28)
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North Carolina is among several states that passed legislation requiring elementary schools to teach the “science of reading,” a less-frequently used approach in many schools. Training teachers how to apply the new reading practice has been challenging, costly and time-consuming in the state, Sarah Schwartz reports for an Education Week series.

With federal abortion rights eliminated, Kavitha Cardoza explains the “more subtle pushouts” that make pregnant teenagers discontinue their education in a piece for The Hechinger Report and USA Today. These non-supportive systemic practices violate the federal Title IX law, yet they are commonplace, leading to bleak educational outcomes for these students.


The Montana Hi-Line region – a rural area in the northern part of the state – had long experienced high staff turnover in schools, but the COVID-19 pandemic worsened the shortage. Skylar Rispens of the Missoulian explains what’s contributing to the problem and what’s being done to solve it.  

“Damned if they speak out, damned if they don’t.” A university president’s efforts to support diverse students on his Arkansas campus was perceived as “political, even anti-American.” The leader was among 150 college presidents surveyed by Eric Kelderman of The Chronicle of Higher Education on whether they censor themselves from speaking on issues that might cause controversy.

Texas schools have less than two years left to spend $18 billion in federal COVID-19 relief funds, yet they have only used less than a third of it. The Dallas Morning NewsEmily Donaldson explains why schools haven’t spent more money despite looming deadlines and how they used the money so far.

Many Historically Black Colleges and Universities are in states with abortion bans. Writing for Diverse Issues in Higher Education, Rebecca Kelliher details how HBCUs are adjusting to the post-Roe v. Wade landscape and questions what role they will play in supporting students’ reproductive health care.

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