Member Stories

#tellEWA Member Stories (July 16-22)
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week:

Colorado educators reflected on challenges they faced during the past school year, with the goal of helping improve K-12 education, reports Jenny Brundin for Colorado Public Radio.

Texas school leaders are seeking ways to support first-year educators who lost student-teaching opportunities and other training due to the pandemic, reports Silas Allen for Fort-Worth Star-Telegram.

School superintendents either quit their jobs in record numbers or took breaks from social media after public outrage about their decisions on pandemic-related issues, The 74’s Linda Jacobson reports.

California lawmakers allowed teacher candidates to skip two previously required proficiency tests after they became barriers to entry for new educators, reports Diana Lambert of EdSource.

Schools must prepare and accommodate incoming grieving students whose parents and primary caregivers died from COVID-19, reports Ileana Najarro for Education Week.

Black professors faced systemic racism, microaggressions and other adversities at Texas colleges, which has contributed to their lack of representation in tenured positions, explains Kalley Huang and Valeria Olivares for The Dallas Morning News.