Member Stories

#tellEWA Member Stories (January 7-13)
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week:

“All the books with Black protagonists were history or misery:” Jerry Craft wrote “New Kid” to give Black children the book he never had as a child, but his book got banned after a white mom involved in local Texas politics falsely labeled the book critical race theory. This American Life’s Chana Joffe-Walt interviews Craft, who based the book largely on his real-life experiences.

Kyle Stokes set out to answer a question for his LAist piece on school booster clubs: Are parents, who live in mostly white and wealthy areas, fundraising to purchase an education inaccessible to most of the students in a Los Angeles school district? It’s complicated, so Stokes uses data to show this “isn’t only a simple story of haves versus have-nots.”

Baker College has become Michigan’s largest private college in part by luring students with misleading advertisements based on cherry-picked data, such as boasts about a 99% alumni employment rate, David Jesse and Anna Clark investigate for the Detroit Free Press and ProPublica.   

Andrew Wind describes the staffing shortages affecting a Cedar Valley, Iowa school for The Courier. Board members rewarded overburdened staff by approving bonuses funded by federal COVID-19 relief aid.

A Dallas school system won’t reveal information about its meetings discussing book bans because the Texas governor threatened to penalize educators, its attorneys argue. Talia Richman works to gather details through public information requests and interviews for The Dallas Morning News.

A widely respected superintendent reportedly will resign from leading  Texas’ second largest school system . Some speculate Dallas superintendent Michael Hinojosa may run for mayor in 2023, Corbett Smith and Emily Donaldson report for The Dallas Morning News.