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#tellEWA Member Stories (January 28-February 3)
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LGBTQ students and others from marginalized backgrounds read school library books that reflect their lived experiences, but now these books and libraries are under attack. Librarians fear for their safety or punishment as Texas conservatives and parents target hundreds of books on race, sexuality and gender for review or removal, Mike Hixenbaugh details for NBC News

“They don’t want to feel ‘white guilt,’ especially not in Mississippi, where many white people can easily trace their lineage to slave-owners”: A lifelong Republican law student took a critical race theory course with an open mind, thinking critically about the framework and realizing how misinformed public discourse is on the subject, Molly Minta explores for Mississippi Today.


Black girls graduated from high school at a higher rate than any other demographic group in Memphis, Tennessee. Chalkbeat’s Samantha West explains that supportive classrooms, teachers of color and personal determination to excel, despite racism and sexism, contributed to their successes.

A free, voluntary asymptomatic COVID-19 testing program is offered to Alabama’s private and public schools. But the majority of the state’s school systems chose not to enroll in the program, making it less effective, reports Savannah Tryens-Fernandes for

Laura Meckler of The Washington Post captures the variety of issues contributing to public education’s national crisis, including rampant violence, learning loss, debates over the teaching of race and more. Students and school staff affected by these problems feel “unprecedented levels of stress.”

COVID-19, especially the Omicron variant, accelerated an ongoing school staffing shortage problem that has been building in Wisconsin for years.  Fewer students pursuing teaching and more people leaving the workforce also contributed to the staffing challenges, reports Scott Girard for The Cap Times.

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