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#tellEWA Member Stories (Feb. 26- Mar. 4)
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week:

The Washington Post’s Nick Anderson and Danielle Douglas-Gabriel examine what has been a difficult year for community colleges and shed light on what could change now that they have an ally in the White House.

Over 50 North Carolina school districts are working with researchers and physicians to draft detailed safety strategies for almost every minute of the school day, reports Hannah Furfaro of The Seattle Times

For the Yakima Herald-Republic’s series on child care, Janelle Retka explores the connection between early life experiences and brain development that occurs in the first five years of life. 

After students protested the alma mater song at The University of Texas at Austin,  hundreds of alumni and donors tried to pressure the UT-Austin president into supporting the song, reports The Texas Tribune’s Kate McGee

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Alia Malik chronicles how COVID-19 has changed school nurses’ daily routines. 

Following the governor’s decision to end Texas’ statewide mask mandate, Emily Donaldson of The Dallas Morning News talks with school district officials about continued mask requirements in schools. 

The Orlando Sentinel’s Leslie Postal covers a Florida school board’s decision to hire the district’s first woman and first Black person as superintendent. 

Isaac Windes of the Beaumont Enterprise captures the complexities of student attendance during the pandemic as educators in a Texas district work to address discrepancies for thousands of students. 

For Idaho Education News, Kevin Richert reports on conservative lawmakers’ efforts to slash the budget of the state’s largest university after claiming it was using taxpayer money to push a social justice agenda. 

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