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#tellEWA Member Stories (December 23-30)
Some of EWA members' favorite stories of 2021:

Bethany Barnes investigated one high school’s problematic handling of allegations of sexual misconduct for the Tampa Bay Times.

What happens when the schools superintendent and a local comedian share the exact same name? Hijinks ensue, reported Olivia Krauth of The Louisville Courier-Journal.

Montana parents worried about COVID-19 felt abandoned when their schools chose to only offer unmasked, in-person instruction. Some felt they had no choice but to opt for homeschooling, wrote Skylar Rispens in the Missoulian.

Eric Kelderman explored the beliefs and strategies of campus right wing extremists for The Chronicle of Higher Education.

A conflict over funding a generous financial aid program contributed to the early resignation of the University of Connecticut’s president, according to an public records-fueled investigation by Connecticut Public Radio’s Jacqueline Rabe Thomas, Jim Haddadin and Walter Smith Randolph.

David Jesse of the Detroit Free Press explored how some small liberal arts colleges are managing to thrive during COVID-19, while others are failing.

In one of the sweeter education stories of 2021, the Nevada Appeal’s Jessica Garcia profiled four families in which both the mothers and daughters are teachers.

For EWA New to the Beat rookie Emma Gallegos of The Bakesfield Californian, it was a year of battling “silence and secrecy” in the search for reliable numbers on COVID infection rates in local schools.

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