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#tellEWA Member Stories (December 10-16)
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week:

School board members gathered Facebook posts and records on an Arizona school district’s staff and parents, who unwittingly stumbled across the hundreds of files. Right-leaning media and politicians saw an opportunity to spur outrage after the “secret dossier” became public, reports Rachel Monroe for The New Yorker.

A Tampa high school district’s administrators retaliated against students who reported sexual assault and harassment. Bethany Barnes investigated the high school’s failures to protect students, speaking to 22 former and current students and Title IX experts for the Tampa Bay Times.

Out-of-state enrollment grew at Idaho universities, attracting students who craved budget-friendly tuition and in-person classes. Yet, recruiters are struggling to attract in-state high school graduates who often choose jobs over higher education, explains Kevin Richert for Idaho Education News.

Texas officials are suing the Biden administration over the federal Head Start program’s mask mandate for anyone older than age 2 and a vaccine requirement for staff. The new rules are expected to impact Head Start staff and contractors across the country, Emily Donaldson and Talia Richman report for The Dallas Morning News.

Hispanic men go to college and graduate from Colorado universities at low rates. Jason Gonzales details how this outcome could be improved and highlights the differences between “Hispanic enrolling” and “Hispanic serving” institutions for Chalkbeat

After a school shooting in Oxford, Michigan, more than 100 Democratic lawmakers urged Education Secretary Miguel Cardona to help school districts create guidance for parents on safely storing guns. School shooters often use weapons taken from a parent or relative, Andrew Ujifusa reports for Education Week.

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