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#tellEWA Member Stories (Dec. 24-31)
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week:

Lauren FitzPatrick reports on a Chicago Sun-Times review that found at least 30 public schools are named for people who owned or traded enslaved Black or indigenous people.

After the defeat of California’s affirmative action ballot measure, EdSource’s Larry Gordon covers other ideas for increasing the number of students of color in higher education.

The Dallas Morning News’ Talia Richman examines why progressing in math class has proven to be a particular struggle during remote learning.

“It’s a change in the faces appearing on the stage, as well as in the view of which topics should be discussed and on whose terms,” writes TIME’s Brian Seto McGrath on high school speech and debate’s reckoning with race.

Vanessa McCray of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution covers the retirement of a beloved school bus driver who spent 32 years transporting students to and from the Atlanta Area School for the Deaf in Clarkston.

CalMatters’ Mikhail Zinshteyn breaks down what the latest federal relief bill means for California’s community colleges and their students.

Madeline Will of EdWeek covers a rural Indiana community where teachers have already started receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Yakima Herald-Republic’s Janelle Retka chronicles the efforts of Yakima County school districts to return students to the classroom throughout the pandemic. 

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