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#tellEWA Member Stories (August 14-20)
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Two weeks after move-in began, students must now decide how to move forward with their on-campus housing after the university announced undergraduate classes would shift to being fully remote, reports Kate Carrol for The Daily Tar Heel.

For Latino USA, Karen Coates and Valeria Fernández follow a migrant student as he juggles school work, financially helping his family, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Navigating the events of 2020 has proven difficult for Oregonians — but it has been even more complicated for international college students in Eugene, reports The Register-Guard’s Jordyn Brown.

Vanessa McCray of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution talks with teachers who created elaborate and interactive online classrooms complete with desks, book shelves, and personalized avatars.

U.S. News & World Report’s Josh Moody examines what online learning was like for college students with disabilities during the spring semester, and looks at what that might mean for this fall.

Kara Newhouse of KQED talks with students about what they hope virtual learning will be like this fall.

San Antonio Express-News Alia Malik reports on the lessons that teachers and parents learned when schools hastily switched to virtual learning last spring.

Fall semester at Arizona State University starts this week, bringing with it a wave of uncertainties for students and university employees, reports Arizona Republic’s Rachel Leingang.

Many local child care programs will be housed in schools and supervised by child care workers, though current state rules don’t allow teachers to be in a school building with a class of the same size, reports Salem Reporter’s Rachel Alexander.

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