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#tellEWA Member Stories (April 22-28)
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“We’re leaving because it’s not worth it anymore.” A record number of Texas teachers left their jobs mid-year before their contracts expired, even though that means the state can cancel or suspend their teaching certificate. School districts reported the teachers who left their jobs early to state officials, who received 471 reports about abandoned contracts, Brian Lopez and Jason Beeferman report for The Texas Tribune.

Students and educators are feeling the impact of the culture wars over masks, books and critical race theory in schools around the country, including Texas, Washington state, Alabama and Virginia. Reporters Talia Richman, Jenn Smith, Rebecca Griesbach and Caroline Preston – who represent education labs or nonprofit outlets in those states – spoke to those affected and detailed what these locals are doing to build understanding in their communities.  


“Schools didn’t want to be the poster child for this problem.” Education reporters Lee V. Gaines and Dylan Peers McCoy gave Twitter Spaces listeners a behind-the-scenes look into how they covered special education teacher shortages in Indiana, Hawaii and other states as part of a two-part series for NPR. Read Part I and Part II to learn more about the shortage affecting 48 states.

Muslim students who abstained from food and drink from sunrise to sunset broke their fast together at iftar, a sunset meal during Ramadan. The religious holiday is typically a family affair, so it was rare for the teens to dine together for iftar in their Dearborn, Michigan high school cafeteria, Miriam Marini explains for the Detroit Free Press.

Over 300 anti-LGBTQ bills have been proposed as of 2022, putting the year on track to see more legislation targeting transgender youth than ever before. The bills focus on a variety of issues, such as restrictions on health care for trans youth; bans on books and classroom discussion about gender identity; trans student participation in sports and more, Arthur Jones II and Aaron Navarro report for CBS News.

Nearly 250,000 youth have lost a caregiver to COVID-19. The 74’s Asher Lehrer-Small narrowed in on the youth in New York City who lost caregivers, finding racial disparities among the families affected and not enough in-school support or awareness about grieving students.

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