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More than one quarter of superintendents plan to leave their posts “imminently” due to pandemic-era staffing challenges and 67-hour workweeks, a recent survey finds. Urban school districts, serving predominantly students of color, will likely be impacted the most, as superintendents leave these districts in higher numbers than those at suburban or rural districts, Marianna McMurdock reports for The 74.

“The children are paying the price.” Rather than hire professional translators, many South Carolina school districts admitted they relied on bilingual students to translate for students whose parents don’t speak English, which is illegal. In a state where Hispanic students have higher dropout rates than white and Black students, these districts also failed to provide necessary language support to Spanish-speaking families. Chiara Eisner and Lucas Smolcic Larson detail South Carolina’s current and past issues with unequal access to education for The State.


As they return to in-person classes, students at Fulton County Schools in Georgia are bringing more weapons to schools, fighting more, and exhibiting more behavioral problems. While school leaders are ramping up prevention efforts, they also expelled 158 students within six months, twice as many as in 2019, Vanessa McCray found through an open-records request filed for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

While some school districts have rebounded slightly, urban school districts are continuing to see plummeting enrollment. If districts don’t recover by the time COVID-19 relief funding runs out in 2024, major layoffs and closures could follow, Linda Jacobson explains for The 74.

Preteen baristas taking orders and steaming milk in a Denver coffee shop are students enrolled in a tuition-free micro-school that helps students experientially learn in and outside the classroom. The coffee shop and a bike shop are embedded in the school’s curriculum, providing real-life experiences for students studying courses like math or social studies, Melissa Bailey reports for Chalkbeat Colorado.

The Wall Street Journal produced a downloadable, educational guide about student loan debt. Its staff answered many burning questions, such as which college majors pay off? And is graduate school worth it?

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