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#tellEWA Member Stories (Apr. 9-15)
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week:

The 74’s Asher Lehrer-Small dives deep into a fellowship that helps Rhode Island paraprofessionals transform their experiences into teaching certifications and diversifies the teacher workforce.

In a weeklong Idaho Education News series, Sami Edge explores youth access to mental health services in Idaho schools and the challenges that COVID-19 poses for school-based mental health efforts. 

A team of reporters at The Dallas Morning News covers the complications of delivering Texas’ annual state testing and the caveats that will come with the testing data. 

Isaac Windes of the Beaumont Enterprise chronicles the life and accomplishments of the first Black woman to be elected to the city’s school board as she prepares to retire.

The Duluth News Tribune’s Adelle Whitefoot reports on a local high schooler’s participation in an upcoming Freedom Writers Foundation book. 

For the EdSurge Podcast, Jeffrey R. Young digs into the surprising origin story of a common phrase, and he examines what its evolution says about educational equity.

The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Michael Vasquez tells the story of a college president in Texas who trampled on the norms and expectations of the job. 

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