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September 8 – 14
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week

Aliyya Swaby writes in The Texas Tribune on how Hurricane Harvey has reignited anxieties in an annexed school district. 


Edsource’s Carolyn Jones reports on how California leaders are pledging millions of dollars to support “dreamers” with financial aid and legal services. 


Public Source’s Stephanie Hacke and Mary Niederberger expose Pennsylvania charter schools’ use of public funds for expensive ad campaigns. 


Jennifer Palmer of Oklahoma Watch explores how severe shortages of special education teachers are affecting students in need. 


Lindsay Ellis details in the Houston Chronicle how Harvey devastated the Marine Science Institute at the University of Texas at Austin.


The Charlotte Observer’s Ann Doss Helms reports on how school turnaround remains elusive for the city’s public schools, despite years of work and millions of dollars. 


Jenny Abamu of EdSurge examines the instability revolving school models can bring to students’ development. 


Carly Berwick via Edutopia probes the dramatic trend of autistic tendencies in girls going unnoticed, and the effect it can have later in life. 


The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Goldie Blumenstyk reports on the opening of Cornell Tech, the long-awaited result of a competition to create a “different kind of graduate school.”


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