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September 14 – 21
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week

The Sacramento Bee’s Diana Lambert reports on a school board’s decision to keep policies that allow the teaching of potentially controversial topics, after the reading of a kindergarten book about a transgender child caused months of uproar from parents divided along ideological lines.


Edsource’s Mikhail Zinshteyn reports on possible changes to remedial education requirements in California, with potentially huge effects for the state’s community colleges. 


Beena Raghavendran and other Star Tribune staff combine data analysis, on-the-ground reporting and public outreach in a hard-hitting series on how school choice is reshaping Minnesota’s public schools.


Eli Francovich of The Spokesman Review explores the difficulty of balancing student autonomy and safety in light of a recent school shooting. 


Samantha Hernandez of the Green Bay Press-Gazette reports on how DACA recipients face an uncertain future in the face of plans to repeal the program.


The Virginian-Pilot’s Matt McKinney cracks open the textbook to recount five facts often taught about the Civil War in Virginia schools. 


Jenny Brundin via Colorado Public Radio reports on how disparities in teacher pay are exacerbating teacher shortages in some Colorado counties.


Edsurge’s Jenny Abamu examines how weaknesses in school security systems could lead to the next big data breach. 


Nerd Wallet’s Teddy Nykiel parses the data on tuition and taxes to deliver advice on graduating debt free. 


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