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Sept. 6 – 12
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New texting programs have helped low-income parents and caregivers develop habits at home that help their kids succeed, reports Erin Richards for USA Today.

For The Chronicle of Higher Education, Sarah Brown reports on the pressure that leads to high turnover in Title IX coordinator positions.

EdSurge’s Emily Tate examines a first-of-its-kind apprenticeship program for early childhood educators in Philadelphia.

Court-appointed monitors overseeing special education services in New Orleans have been reviewing the wrong schools, reports Marta Jewson for The Lens.

Some Chicago public school parents are calling for the district’s ban on cell phones to be lifted because the devices offer safety, convenience, and aid students with disabilities, reports Nader Issa for Chicago Sun-Times.

In a two-part series, The Hechinger Report’s Katy Reckdahl highlights New Orleans teachers who are determined to meet the needs of vulnerable students that fill their classrooms.

When it comes to school-based mental health care, a program that started small 15 years ago in Minneapolis is leading the way, reports Casey Chaffin for The Oregonian.

An internal investigation at the University of Texas finds only one instance of bribery, prompting officials to announce there is no pattern of bad behavior related to their role in the infamous ‘Operation Varsity Blues’ admissions scandal, reports Rebekah Allen for The Dallas Morning News.

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