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October 9-16
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From the emergence of a star-studded leader waiting in the wings to the dramatic fall of another, this week’s #TellEWA is full of stories that surprise, sadden, but always satisfy. 

Margaret Spellings, who served as U.S. Secretary of Education during George W. Bush’s administration, is suddenly a front-runner for the role of president at University of North Carolina, reports Jane Stancill of the News & Observer. Halfway across the country, Chicago is reeling from the shock of the city’s former schools chief pleading guilty to federal kickback-scheme charges. Now questions also are being asked about contracts she authorized during her tenure as academic and accountability auditor in Detroit, report Lauren Fitzpatrick and Dan Mihalopoulos.

In Austin, educators hosted school leaders from Israel who visited the Texas capital to learn more about dual-language programming, which the Israelis hope will help address the long intractable differences between their country’s Arab and Jewish communities. 

On the funding front, a district in Indiana contends with an expensive what-if after a reporter writes that a decision 50 years ago not to expand the tax base of the district has cost the local schools millions. Meanwhile, the Yakima School District’s $200 million investment in three high schools has generated largely a positive response. 

Elsewhere, The Associated Press finds that many colleges offer little guidance on how students and staff should react in the event of a campus shooting.

And Education Week’s Stephen Sawchuk continues his clinic on covering the teacher beat with a handy guide to state court cases concerning teacher evaluation programs. 

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