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October 5 – October 12
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week

Lauren McGaughy of The Dallas Morning News follows the controversy of a cancelled conservative speaker at a Houston HBCU that led to a war of words and accusations of infringement on free speech.


Jason Gonzales examines the results of The Tennessean’s two-year investigation of the challenges for teaching literacy in Nashville schools, which reveal stark differences in reading levels fueled by poverty and environmental factors. 


Tawnell Hobbes at The Wall Street Journal notes that high schools have been moving away from the tradition of naming valedictorians, citing unhealthy competition and the phasing out of numerical rankings as reasons to drop the practice. 


Jennifer Palmer and Dana Branham at Oklahoma Watch report on how an epidemic of student concussions is exacerbated by a lack of athletic trainers in rural schools, leaving athletes without a medical professional on the sidelines. 


Laura Isensee at Houston Public Media reports on how the unexpected suspension of an esteemed principal has cast a turnaround school’s future in doubt. 


Kevin Richert at Idaho Education News reports on state efforts to reform college remediation to better help at-risk students. 


Annika Hammerschlag at the Naples Daily News in Florida tells the story of children who rode out Hurricane Irma inside their classroom. 


Noel K. Gallagher of The Portland Press-Herald reports that the University of Maine will eliminate all tuition and fees at four of its campuses for Maine students who qualify for Pell grants.


The News & Observer’s Lynn Bonner, Jane Stancill, and David Raynor explore the racial and socioeconomic segregation present in North Carolina charter schools. 


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