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October 26 – November 2
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week

Kate Murphy reports for the Cincinnati Enquirer on how a professor’s divisive political comments have ignited uproar at the University of Cincinnati. 


Kavitha Cardoza of Education Week and Cory Turner of NPR release the final installment of a three-part series exploring a Washington D.C. school’s approach to educating young men of color – referred to on campus as ”kings” – balancing high expectations and emotional validation. 


Manila Danilova of the Associated Press reports that the U.S. Department of Education may be walking back an Obama-era policy of forgiving federal loans for students deceived by for-profit colleges, instead working on a plan for partial relief. 


The Spokesman-Review’s Eli Francovich reports on how symphony orchestras are using education and outreach to instill a love for music in students. 


Samantha Hernandez and Sari Lesk of the Green Bay Press Gazette examine how technical colleges are providing “college experience” amenities to attract students. 


The Charlotte Observer’s Ann Doss Helms reports on a developing dispute after a charter school demanded an up-front payment of $7,500 for a public records request. 


Jessica Bies via The News Journal digs into Deleware’s most recent reading results, and the statewide attempts to improve poor literacy. 


Marlon A. Walker at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports on the Dekalb County school district is working to improve the process of teacher background check after hiring a teacher with a history of physically assaulting students. 


Carolyn Jones at EdSource reports that California public schools have seen a dramatic reduction in school suspensions and expulsions, though racial disparities persist. 


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