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October 23-30
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EWA is gobsmacked by all the education goodies our members produced in the final days of October. 

Liz Bowie of The Baltimore Sun delivered a project as touching as it is remarkable, writing about the lives of refugee students in East Baltimore. The children are described with such detail that you can imagine them pen or pencil in hand, inhaling the sights and sounds of the American classroom.

NAEP results produced a bevy of thoughtful takes about education in the United States, with Motoko Rich of The New York Times noting that much of the dip in math scores could be attributed to questions about content most students haven’t learned yet. California’s middling performance can’t be explained by its diverse student population, writes Sharon Noguchi for the San Jose Mercury News. Meanwhile, Shawn D. Lewis explores the scores for Detroit, which produced the lowest results of all the major cities assessed by NAEP. Also related to testing: The Daily Herald in Illinois asks whether the ACT or PARCC is a better measure of college readiness, and Danielle Dreilinger explains why Louisiana schools that received an A grade from the state fared much worse by national academic measures.

Plenty of strong work emerged from the higher education terrain, too. Jessica Bakeman examines whether the chair of the board of a Florida university bullied the institution’s first permanent female president. The Christian Science Monitor provides impressive detail about the blockbuster court ruling that found tech giant Apple owes the University of Wisconsin nearly a quarter of a billion dollars due to patent violations. Brian McVicar writes about the recruitment efforts of HBCUs, and the NPR affiliate in Boston continues its strong higher education showing by going deep into the resurgence of community colleges.

On the instructional front, policymakers in Idaho are rethinking a four-day education week, while students in Dallas are taught to provide answers in complete sentences. And last but certainly not least, The New York Times follows up on a tip that a popular charter system in The Big Apple kept a list of students it allegedly pressured to push out. 

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