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October 19 – October 26
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week

Ann Dornfeld at KUOW public radio examines how an extremely high rate of homelessness at a Seattle elementary school, exacerbated by recent redistricting, has overwhelmed the school’s support structure. 


Wayne D’Orio reports for Wired on a Colorado school that is incentivizing project-based learning with a paycheck. 


The Wall Street Journal’s Tawnell D. Hobbs reports on how cyber criminals are increasingly choosing schools as their target, putting student data at risk. 


Teresa Watanabe and Rosanna Xia​ of The Los Angeles Times examine the growing divide between college Republicans, who find themselves torn between right-wing activism and traditional conservatism. 


Erin Duffy at the Omaha World-Herald examines how local schools are helping parents help their kids with math through adult classes.


Jamaal Abdul-Alim of Diverse: Issues in Higher Education examines how tuition remission benefits for the children of campus workers can help struggling families send their kids to college. 


Richard Reed and Teddy Nykel at the Associated Press report that the Federal Trade Commission and state agencies are cracking down on college loan scams. Critics say the U.S. Department of Education is noticeably absent. 


Justin Murphy and Erica Bryant at the Democrat and Chronicle explain how some schools in upstate New York are struggling to hire specialized therapists given an industry-wide shortage, leaving countless kids in need. 


The Sacramento Bee’s Sam Stanton and Diana Lambert report on how an alcohol-infused retreat for UC Davis staff led to sexual assault allegations, suicide, and a lawsuit against the school.


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