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October 12 – October 19
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week

Annie Martin, Leslie Postal and Beth Kassab at the Orlando Sentinel blow the lid off of Florida’s state scholarships to private schools in a multi-part investigative series.


Natalie Bruzda at the Las Vegas Review-Journal recognizes the top-notch reporting of the UNLV student newspaper in the wake of the recent shooting.


WFAE’s Gwendolyn Glenn reports on North Carolina’s revised school accountability plan under ESSA. Many observers are calling it a missed opportunity to reduce emphasis on testing. 


Katy Reckdahl via The Hechinger Report reports on how charter schools in New Orleans charters have struggled under unrealistic goals for academic improvement over time.


Katie Gillespie at The Columbian reports on how a school district in the most linguistically diverse area of Vancouver is equipping students with the English skills they need to succeed.


Rachel Cohen at The American Prospect takes an in-depth look at the long term challenges to maintaining an integrated school system in Hartford, Conn.


Scott Travis at the Sun Sentinel exposes the Palm Beach County school system’s pattern of shifting blame for sexual assault on children as young as six years old.


Shelly Conlon at the Waco Tribune-Herald reports on how five struggling schools in the Waco Independent School District are instituting new academic interventions to avoid a shutdown or takeover next year by the state of Texas. 


The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Michael Vasquez examines the emerging trend of colleges targeting prospective students and parents on social media, using data mined from applications. 


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