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November 30 – December 7
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Emily Hanford and Alex Baumhardt explore the higher education divide for rural students in the first part of a series from The Atlantic and APM Reports. 


Parents and community leaders are faced with tough choices in Denver’s child care deserts, as Ann Schimke and Yesenia Robles report for Chalkbeat Colorado. 


In one of California’s most expensive cities, rising rents have left some college students on the street, reports Diana Lambert of The Sacramento Bee


Jennifer Palmer at Oklahoma Watch reports that parents are pushing back against the use of ’seclusion rooms’ to discipline students in the state’s public schools. 


CNN Money’s Katie Lobosco breaks down how the Republican tax bill could affect higher education tax breaks. 


Lori Higgins of the Detroit Free Press reports that the arts are seeing a resurgence in public education after years of budget cuts as the state returns control to local school districts. 


On the flip side, a Pulitzer-prize winning composer highlights the severe budget cuts to music programs in Philadelphia public schools through his ’symphony for a broken orchestra,’ writes Joshua Barone for The New York Times


The Education Week team publishes a special report on the oft-overlooked process of teacher recertification. 

Although New Jersey students are becoming more racially diverse, the state’s schools are becoming increasingly segregated, reports Claire Lowe for The Press of Atlantic City. 


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