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November 3 – November 10
Our special election Member Stories of the Week

Will the Department of Education be shuttered under a Trump administration? Likely not. But expect serious jolts to the major federal laws governing K-12 and higher education, reports Emily Deruy for The Atlantic.

From Dale Mezzacappa and team at the Philadelphia Public School Notebook: “’I had students crying in class,’ said Steven Gilligan, who teaches Advanced Placement Government and 8th-grade U.S. History at Masterman. One told him that she had convinced her mother to vote for the first time. ‘And she proudly comes out of the voting booth with a button that says, ‘I’m With Her,’ and this happens.’”

Students’ prospective future earnings could affect their ability to receive loans for college, efforts to bring down college bloat, and repayment tied to income are all possibilities under a Trump administration, explain Brianna McGurran, Teddy Nykiel and Anna Helhoski at Nerdwallet.

“Kudos to the teachers who tackled this election as a scholastic journey and helped their students see behind the headlines and analyze the issues that mattered to them,” writes Nan Austin in a piece of commentary.

“Bobbie Perez, who goes to Westland High School, broke down talking about relatives who are immigrants. ‘Half of my family’s Hispanic, and I don’t even know if they’re legal or not,’ she said. ‘It’s so scary.’” That’s from Mary Mogan Edwards and Shannon Gilchrist of The Columbus Dispatch.

“Lee M. Miringoff, director of the Marist Institute for Public Opinion, urged calm about the failure of many polls to predict the outcome of the election,” reports Steve Kolowich for The Chronicle of Higher Education. “Polls have margins of error, he said, and many of Tuesday’s ‘misses’ fell within it.”

In Bronx, New York, a teacher tells his students worried about the Trump presidency that  “one man does not run the country. There are checks and balances in place and that’s what makes the government strong.” This story is by Tara García Mathewson for The Hechinger Report.

The Trump administration will set the tone for implementing the Every Student Succeeds Act. Which rules will the administration enforce more than others, wonders Education Week’s Alyson Klein?

Can the president-elect make good on his vow to ditch the Common Core? Not without a startling amount of government intervention, NPR’s Cory Turner reports.

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