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November 23 – November 30
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A new project by The Hechinger Report, The Teacher Project, and Slate features early learners.  


In California classrooms, teaching LGBT means teachers face difficult questions about historical figures who were not necessarily “out,” explains EdSource’s Theresa Harrington.


The AP’s Maria Danilova looks at U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’ plans for scaling back the Office for Civil Rights. 


The Lone Star State is desperate for bilingual educators, reports Eva-Marie Ayala for The Dallas Morning News. 


New Jersey might be diverse but you wouldn’t know it from the state’s public schools, explains Kelly Heyboer of the Star-Ledger. 


Noel Gallagher of the Portland Press-Herald reports on a new policy for transgender students that Portland education officials hope will spur communities outside of Maine to follow suit. 


Could Indiana school districts run out of money? A new approach to state funding makes it more likely, writes Arika Herron of The Indianapolis Star.


Also in Indiana, colleges are curtailing Greek life after high-profile incidents result in serious injuries, reports Michael Reschke of The Herald-Times.

An investigation by The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Michael Vasquez finds questionable practices on military enrollments at a for-profit university. 


New Orleans could be inching closer to the end of an era for its public schools, reports Marta Jewson for The Lens. 

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