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May 5 – 11
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week

Megan Raposa of The Argus Leader looks at schools that make students wash tables, wear special wristbands or even throw their food away if they’ve racked up debt on school lunches as the schools work to comply with Department of Agriculture requirements for written policy for handling unpaid meals.


Chalkbeat’s Carolina Bauman follows up with Tennessee citizens who are worried that the state is disinvesting from low-performing schools following an announcement of 59 job cuts at its Achievement Schools.


Michael Vasquez of The Chronicle of Higher Education explores the rising right-wing group that funneled thousands of dollars to at least a dozen student-government campaigns nationwide.


Eva-Marie Ayala reports for the Dallas Morning News on a new bill passed in the Texas house that would ban out-of-school suspensions for students in second grade or younger.


WFYI’s Eric Weddle profiles an Indiana online charter school as the state board considers whether to shutter it or pursue a less severe type of intervention after the school earned six consecutive Fs on the state’s accountability scale.


Catherine Gewertz presents the first in a three-part Education Week series that examines Tennessee’s efforts to sustain career-technical education programs that propel students toward college and good-paying jobs.


Jenny Abamu of EdSurge explores the potential benefits of expanded maker-education programs, curriculum supporters call “shop and home economics for the 21st century.”


Katie Gillespie and The Columbian present a collection of in-depth data to answer the question of just how ready are students when they reach kindergarten in Clark County’s public schools? 


Bekah McNeel of the Rivard Report digs into the efforts of the Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program to “make the landscape of the academy look more like the students it serves.”


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