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May 3 – May 16
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In the months before the shooting at STEM School Highlands Ranch, some parents raised concerns about bullying and inadequate security, reports Jenny Brundin for Colorado Public Radio.

The two school shootings in as many weeks have prompted officials to discuss the risk of students confronting active shooters, writes Tawnell Hobbs for The Wall Street Journal.

In a four-part series for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Rio Lacanlale and Amelia Pak-Harvey examine the multi-agency failures in Nevada that allowed abuse and neglect to continue for years at a private boarding school for at-risk youth.

For NPR Illinois, Dusty Rhodes describes how one school nurse’s moral dilemma has prompted the state to take legislative action to ensure schools are prepared to help diabetic students.

For the Clarion Ledger, Bracey Harris and Giacomo Bologna detail how state lawmakers carve out millions of dollars for handpicked education vendors and pet projects each year.

Schools often engage in practices that risk undercutting the civic principles they are supposed to be instilling, writes Stephen Sawchuk for Education Week.

In a first-of-its-kind program, one Texas school district is helping teachers find temporary jobs as they go unpaid during summer months, reports Melissa Taboada for the Austin American-Statesman.

As teacher strikes continue to garner attention, Education Dive’s Linda Jacobson reports on the educators who opt not to participate.

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