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May 12 – 18
Here's what we're reading by EWA members this week

Eva-Marie Ayala of The Dallas Morning News reports on a bill passed in the Texas Senate that would expand the state cap on virtual charter schools, widening their reach despite evidence that such schools have faltered in Texas and elsewhere.


The Oklahoman’s Ben Felder examines the decisions made by districts planning to slash funds as the state Legislature remains at an impasse when it comes to filling a nearly $1 billion budget hole. 


In a video for The Chronicle of Higher EducationJulia Schmalz examines the Rochester City School Board’s decision to enlist in an Educational Partnership Organization, a provision of New York law that allowed the University of Rochester to help a struggling high school.


Sydney Johnson writes for EdSurge about NG2, a New Hampshire program that seeks to replace grades with measures of project-based learning, learner agency, whole-person development, blended learning and competency-based assessment. 


Linda Jacobson of Education Dive explores a curriculum-sharing partnership between 300 schools that hopes to help teachers and parents in small rural districts answer the question, “Are my kids learning like kids in a suburban district?”


Alexandra Pannoni outlines for U.S. News & World Report the steps needed for students to earn an associate degree – or even a bachelor’s – while in high school.


EdSource’s Theresa Harrington talks with Kirk Walters, a researcher for American Institutes for Research, about his work to find ways to make math more “personalized, relevant and meaningful.”


Kyra Gurney reports for the Miami Herald on the progress made between police officers and elementary students after six months of lunchtime school visits intended to familiarize kids with law enforcement.


Suzanne Pekow’s piece for the APM Reports’ Educate podcast discusses a study that explains how to change the tendency of low-income, first generation college students to be scared off by the “sticker price” at prestigious schools.


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